Partners in Hope: Haiti

In 2009, University Presbyterian Church’s young adult community – Convergence – met a community called Foison.  Foison is a small village located in the mountains in northwest Haiti.  Foison has a church with a primary school, high school, and vocational school with a computer center.  This school is the best school in the area, and their enrollment has grown from 500 kids to 700 kids in less than two years.  The school buildings that they have are bursting at the seams and they have constructed makeshift classrooms out of branches and tarps.  Members of their congregation have been raising money to expand their campus for a few years, but in a country of severe poverty plagued by hurricanes and an earthquake, it has been slow going.  The meeting of Convergence and Foison in 2009 was brief, but was enough to spark a connection.  We saw an opportunity to partner with and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ who are halfway around the world. Children and Family Ministries quickly got on board as well, and by the time we sent a second team in January 2010, the children of UPC had raised a significant amount to get started building a school with just their nickels and dimes collected on Sunday mornings.

What makes this opportunity so unique – and what we are so excited about – is that this is not about saving the world or rescuing people. This is about a group of people in one school, in one village, in one country in a world that God loves. This is about being a catalyst and an encouragement of change. It is about empowering people to be the change, and recognizing that they are changing and teaching us too.

Partners in Hope: Haiti is your invitation to a story of hope – one that connects people across generations, faith communities and nations. It’s a story that invites you to participate in God’s passionate mission of restoration for the world He loves.

Haiti: Read the story of Foison and building the school. Meet Bruce and Deb Robinson. Hear from people who have been there.

Video: Watch video of the school being built. See slideshows from teams’ visits. View clips of stories of how God is working.

Give: Donate now to help finish building the school. If you are not already signed up for a UPC online giving login, you will need to create one, and follow the screens to donate to CFM Partners In Hope online-giving.


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